Youth 7 Delegates Meet with EU Head of Delegation in Rome

In a crucial meeting held in Rome on May 24th, the Youth 7 (Y7) delegates engaged in comprehensive discussions with Alexandra Valkenburg, the Head of Delegation of the European Union. This meeting mirrored the delegates’ earlier conversation with the Vice President of the Senate of Spain, focusing on key themes critical to Europe’s youth and broader global challenges.

Points of Discussion

The discussion with Valkenburg centered on the four main tracks outlined in the Y7 communique:

1. New Skills, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Work: Addressing the evolving demands of the job market, the delegates emphasized the necessity for educational reform and entrepreneurial support to prepare young people for future employment opportunities. They discussed initiatives to foster a culture of innovation and self-employment among Europe’s youth.

2. Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change: The dialogue highlighted the urgency of addressing climate change. The delegates and Valkenburg explored sustainable practices and policies that could mitigate environmental impact and promote the adoption of green technologies across Europe.

3. Innovation and Digital Transformation: Recognizing the transformative power of technology, the conversation focused on strategies to drive digital innovation. The delegates stressed the importance of building robust digital infrastructure and ensuring digital literacy and accessibility for all European citizens.

4. Inclusion and Equal Opportunities: Promoting social equity was a key topic, with discussions on policies to enhance inclusion and provide equal opportunities in education and employment. The delegates underscored the need for comprehensive measures to support marginalized groups and foster a more inclusive society.

5. Peace and Security: In addition to these primary themes, the delegates and Valkenburg addressed pressing security issues affecting Europe and beyond, including the conflicts in Ukraine, Palestine, and Sudan. They discussed the implications for regional stability and security, focusing on how the EU can support peace efforts, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction to foster stability and development in these regions.

The Y7 delegates expressed their deep gratitude to Alexandra Valkenburg and the EU Delegation in Rome for their invaluable support. Their engagement has been instrumental in shaping the dialogue and advancing the goals of the Y7 Summit.

Stay tuned for further updates from the Y7 Summit and ongoing youth-led initiatives aimed at shaping a better future for Europe and the world.