Should oral sex be practiced in a relationship?

Should oral sex be practiced in a relationship?

Oral sex involves using your mouth or tongue to stimulate your partner’s genitals or anus. Many people enjoy oral sex as part of their sex life, but it is a very personal thing, and not everyone likes or chooses to do it.

Different people like to give or receive oral sex in different ways. There are a variety of ways to lick, suck and stimulate someone.

You can choose not to practice oral sex at all, or you can enjoy experimenting with your partner to find out what gives you both pleasure. It is important to discuss with your partner, so that you understand what both of you will enjoy and what you prefer to avoid.

Top tips for oral sex

It can take a while to work out what makes someone feel good. The best thing to do is to keep communicating with your partner.

If you are happy and comfortable with someone, oral sex can be a great way to get physically close. If you find that you do not enjoy doing this for various reasons, you can stop at any time.

How to give oral sex to a man?

A man’s penis does not have to be raised to initiate oral sex, but you may want to use your hand to arouse him first. If you hold his penis during oral sex, you can control how deep it goes into your mouth. You can move your hand, allowing the penis to reach as far into the mouth as you feel comfortable. Learn how to do the best oral sex using okporn movie websites.

A man’s penis is extremely sensitive, so be gentle at first and slowly work up to a faster pace. You can try different movements of your tongue, mouth and head to see what works best, but never use your teeth unless asked to.

When giving oral sex to a man, you can stop at any time, and you must not let him ejaculate in your mouth if you do not want this. Of course, if he wears a condom, it is not a problem and it means that you will both be protected against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

How do you give a woman oral sex?

Before you start giving oral sex to women, they might like it if you spend some time kissing and touching their upper thighs and the area around their vagina to help them get excited.

The entire genital area is sensitive, but for most women the clitoris (with 8,000 nerve endings) is the most sensitive part. Gently surround the outer lips of the vagina and look for the vaginal opening.

Start easy, using a relaxed tongue to make slow movements and work up to faster movements with a firmer tongue. You can experience the movement of the tongue in different ways and you can try different rhythms.

How to have oral-anal sex (on the partner’s anus)?

Performing oral sex on the partner’s anus (also known as rimming) can be part of any sexual relationship, regardless of whether it is homosexual, bisexual or straight. If you are concerned about hygiene, ask your partner to wash first. You could also bathe together as part of foreplay.

Before you start, your partner might like it if you kiss them lightly and touch the area around their anus, including the perineum (the area of ​​skin between the genitals and the anus). You can then focus on the anus, trying your tongue around the outer area and finally insert your tongue.

Don’t forget to listen to your partner and do what he likes, whether it’s licking or sucking. If you are giving oral sex to a woman, do not go from the anus to the vagina, as this can transfer bacteria and cause infection.

Can I get HIV and STIs from oral sex?

The risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is very low, unless the person receiving oral sex has a sexually transmitted disease or a condition in the genital area, or the person giving oral sex has pain in the mouth or bleeding. If the person living with HIV takes medication and has undetectable levels of HIV, then there is no risk of transmitting the virus.

However, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be easily transmitted during oral sex, especially herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis. Certain infections and viruses found in faeces can be transmitted through oral-anal sex, this includes hepatitis A and E.coli.

Knowing that you have taken precautions to keep you and your partners safe can help you feel more relaxed during oral sex. There are simple ways to protect both of you:

Do not brush your teeth beforehand, as you may cause your mouth or gums to bleed.

Use a condom if you give oral sex to a man or a dental dam for oral sex to a woman, or oral-anal sex. A dental dam is a thin layer of soft plastic that acts as a barrier.

If you don’t have one, you can cut a condom lengthwise from the bottom up to create a piece of material that can be used instead. Hold one side of the dam against your partner’s vagina/anus and leave the other. Never turn the dam over, use only one side.

If you have oral sex during the woman’s delicate period, using a barrier is even more important, because menstrual blood can carry bacteria and viruses just like other blood.

Avoid taking sperm in your mouth.

Avoid oral sex altogether when the risk of transmitting any virus or infection is greatest, for example if you have:

– Wounds around the mouth, genitals or anus
– Any damage to the gums
– throat infection
– If you have had a recent dental intervention.

Be aware that you may not know if you or your partner have an infection, because infections can be transmitted even if there are no obvious signs or symptoms. If you have conditions around the mouth, genitals or anus, you should go to the doctor, because they can be a sign of an infection.

Should I have oral sex?

Deciding whether or not to have oral sex is a very personal choice. Only you and your partner can decide if you are ready to experience oral sex. Think about whether you are both comfortable with the decision.

Talking to your partner about protection before you start having oral sex will help make things easier. This may feel embarrassing, but taking responsibility for protecting both partners is an important part of the sexual relationship. If you find it too embarrassing to talk, then you may not be ready to have oral sex yet.

You should never give or receive oral sex just because you feel forced. If one of you is not comfortable with the decision, it can ruin the whole experience. Oral sex should be fun for both of you.

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