Month: April 2024

Opinion Piece – Strengthening Europe’s Resolve: A Call for Unified Action in Foreign Policy and Defense

Augusto Gonzalez is the Secretary General of YEL and the Head Delegate of the European Union to the Youth 7 2024. He has a background in international relations and foreign policy, having worked and lived in six different countries on four different continents. He holds an M.Sc. in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen…
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The Road to Y20

Preparing for Y20 in Rio de Janeiro In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, a city known for its vibrant culture and indomitable spirit, a gathering of young minds is set to take place that will bring together thought and community leaders from all over the world shaping the future of global policy. This event…
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Interview with Marta Kakol, EU COP28 Delegate

Interview by Augusto Gonzalez Marta Kąkol is a COP28 YEL delegate with a rich background in policy analysis, environmental advocacy, and international relations. Holding an MSc in Politics Research from the University of Oxford, Marta specializes in European politics and society, showcasing her profound understanding of global and environmental challenges. Her professional journey includes roles…
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